This stunningly wrapped assortment is drawing rave reviews, notably for its fabulous, uniquely Italian flavors. All are second to none for sublime taste and quality. For those seeking only the finest, look no further.

Amaretto,  Limoncello, Amarena Cherry, Caffe ‘Spresso, and Sicilian Orange

I truly LOVE these little Italian hard candies. In every way they are satisfying and Full of smooth flavor. One thing I love most is you can have one in your mouth and if someone asks you a question you can answer without them even knowing you have something in your mouth. They are very discreet and yet give your breath a perfume that people do ask about. Thinking it really is a perfume that you are wearing. People have been shocked to learn that it's a tiny hard candy with such a pleasant aroma! I have only tried the Eleganza and Mint collections but both are unique and well worth the money!

I used them as part of swag giveaway for a recent event and they made me very popular. Amazing to get so much taste in such a small, low calorie treat!

I ordered this candy due to the beautiful wrapping only to find out that the candy is so Delicious! It's very small but it packs a punch with flavor, love them!

This product is a nice big bag of tiny hard candies! The flavors are truly like they say, a little taste of Italy. The amaretto and limoncello were my two favorites, but they were all wonderful. Truly a good choice.


Petite in size but generous in flavor, these charming miniature candies are unsurpassed for flavor and quality. The result of a time-honored Italian candy-making tradition, no effort has been spared to make them the best there is. From meticulously selected flavorings to eye-catching wrappers, GLITTERATI are as great tasting as they are delightful to behold.

In fact, it is because they are so outstanding, that GLITTERATI have long been offered as complimentary candies in many of America’s finest hotels, clubs and restaurants.

JPMorganChase bank selects GLITTERATI Fruit and Berry as their “preferred desk candy”


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