About Us

About Us

Chipurnoi Confectionery is a third generation family business that pioneered the introduction of European specialty foods and confectionery products into the American market during the early part of the last century.

Today the Company produces a diverse range of individually wrapped miniature candies at partner facilities in Italy where every effort is made to ensure the highest level of quality and product integrity.

Our selections consist of GLITTERATI hard candies, PUNTINI gourmet jujubes and long time favorite, CHIPS pastilles, all of which are also available in Sugar Free versions.

For nearly 90 years, the Company has endeavored to offer confectionery products that are timely and out of the ordinary.

Whereas CHIPS and PUNTINI, have long been available through specialty confectionery outlets, GLITTERATI are widely used as complimentary amenities in fine restaurants, hotels, and other select establishments nationwide.

Now, it is our pleasure to offer all of these distinctive, sometimes hard-to-find, candies directly to you through our on-line store. We hope that this website will enable you to purchase our many fine products with confidence and ease.

Laurence Z. Chipurnoi,